If you are a panographer, a photojournalist, an architectural photographer,
or anyone who wants  to  print  ultra-wide photographs in natural perspective,
you need Panini-Pro, the premier panoramic perspective tool
and spherical image editor for Mac and Windows.

Panini-Pro is currently in beta test and should be available on this site
in January 2012

Panini-Pro needs a fast CPU with at least 3 GB RAM, a 64 bit cpu with 6GB or more of RAM is best,
 and a graphics card with
at least 0.5 GB of dedicated video RAM that supports OpenGL version 2.1
plus OpenGL framebuffer objects extension.  Best results with 1GB or more VRAM and OpenGL 3.2
Windows Vista or 7 recommended.  On Mac, requires OS 10.6 or later.

Panini-Pro is copyright by Thomas Kite Sharpless, all rights reserved.